Scotch whisky is a distilled spirit made in Scotland from cereals, water and yeast and is a very popular drink in Scotland. Walk into a pub in Scotland and you’re bound to face a whole array of whiskies. There are three different types of Scotch whisky: malt whisky (also known as single malt), grain whisky and blended whisky. To be called Scotch whisky it must be aged for at least three years. There's over 100 working distilleries operating today (and counting!), each making whisky in their own unique way.

Royal Lochnagar distillery is just down the road from us (next door to Balmoral) and well worth a visit.

For more info on Scotch Whisky head to the Scotch Whisky Association or Malt Madness do a superb map of all the distilleries in Scotland.
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